Damajagua Waterfalls

27 Waterfalls of Damajagua

27 Waterfalls History

27 Waterfalls History

The Twenty Seven waterfalls have existed for millennia but were only recently discovered by the outside world. The first tourists began arriving at the Falls in 1994, and little by little, word got out about this amazing natural treasure and spawned a guiding industry for the local young men. Ten years later, nearly 50,000 tourists every year come to Rio Damajagua to enjoy what Dominicans have known about for centuries.

The number of tourists coming to 27 Charcos has grown dramatically, and so have we. In 1998, the local guides officially formalized their association in to the AGRD, the Association of Guides of Rio Damajagua. Our current team of 38 guides has extensive experience as water guides and strives to ensure that your satisfaction is our number one priority. All of our guides have training from the International Red Cross in First Aid and CPR and have intricate knowledge of every waterfall. Our goal is to make the time you spend with us the highlight of your vacation.

The vast majority of tourists who visit 27 Charcos do so as part of prepaid guided excursions from professional guide companies in Puerto Plata or Cabarete. These groups arrive at 27 Charcos and climb up with a tour guide to the 7th Waterfall before returning back down, about 2- 3 hours round trip. This is a fantastic way of visiting 27 Charcos if you are unfamiliar with the area. The only drawback is that these groups only go up one quarter of all the Falls; 21 remain, untouched in the winding Damajagua above. Because of the length of the trip to the top, 4- 5 hours in a group of about 5- 7, tourists wishing to go all the way up must come on their own, either through rental car, taxi or public transportation. These private tours are catered to the tourists wishes and can be extended or turned around whenever you want.

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